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The h1b database is a good source on base pay, but doesn't show stock and bonus. The team itself was excellent and I regret not joining, but I am glad I did not partly because of collapse of the Rand. The next time they need to lay someone off (or if you slip up and they have a legitimate reason to fire you) you'd be high up on their list of disposable employees, perhaps moreso because you're more expensive than you were before. Is Level 6 pretty high? I ended up not accepting that offer because another company gave me a more interesting role. They call this a "QC pass.". Was your short leave to a German startup by any chance? Not SWE is the catch. But—adding X market value for equity vesting over Y years with 40% capital gains tax for the first 12 months of holding it leads to a 2016 pay of.... just your salary. Thus the importance of always being working on a portable skill. Perhaps what I meant to say is that "control" of EC2 went to Seattle, from what I understood. I've put an e-mail alias in my profile. Look, I used to work at Amazon. Position: SysDE 2 in AWS It's statutory requirements or political issues that prevent companies from doing layoffs to respond to changing economic conditions. E.g. Most of them are groping in the dark. Of course the trick is if they decline to counter, or counter low, you have to consider if you then leave, or stay? Funny that you mention this, because the character limit forced me to cut this out: While it doesn't help for all of that, looking at H1B data on a site like. Base Pay: $150000 Overall I had a very good time with Amazon. You can, of course, not turn up to work. So they can just fire you, have an escort and done? Salary information comes from 102 data points collected directly from employees, users, and past and present job advertisements on Indeed in the past 36 months. This does not commonly cause issues that require recording to stop, as the narrators are usually very experienced professionals that come from the Broadway stage or from other voice acting professions (cartoons and the like.) Same here. France has a dearth of innovative small companies for this reason because you can't hire aggressively to try to get risky ideas to market. The median compensation package totals $193k. That's a very interesting aside. Successful interns get an easier path for converting to full-time than grads who apply cold. Or are there only a small list of "legal" reasons for you to quit your job. The way it was unofficially explained to me by a low-level buddy in HR is that there are salary ranges for each corporate level, and during a promotion you get just over the lower bound of the salary range for your new corp level, that's the policy, that's what happens. I expect about $225 to $250k in 2016. I've gotten multiple 15-20% raises, and even 30% bonuses without having to jump ship. By bringing an outside offer, you are providing the necessary documentation that your manager, HR, all the way up the chain is required to actually sign off on the raise. Microsoft employee, not Amazon, but these sort of discussions absolutely need to happen and I'd like to do my part. It's pretty interesting that so much of your compensation is in stock. They called back the next day and bumped the offer to $70k. Then I listened to Leonard Mlodinow's "The Upright Thinkers"; Oh god. Compensation at Amazon typically is a combination of a base salary, a signing bonus (distributed over time), and a stock grant. you get offered $100k jobs once a while, mostly in finance. Yearly pay increase: Averaged ~6k/y thus far. Otherwise, its a fair concession on Amazon's part. Job description: According to … Make deliveries. Often you have to show that you are willing and able to leave for a much better salary to actually get the much better salary. I'm a TPM III, 10 year experience in consulting before coming to Amazon, former developer and dev lead. "Thank you for letting me know well in advance that you intend to let me go.". What's the total compensation range for Level 7 Principal Product Manager (IC) in AWS?I know it starts at 300k at the lower end. Luckily they moved in a much better place now. If you are looking for an end run try binding arbitration, which allows employers to opt out of the legal system. Basically, if your notice period is 1 month, you can opt to pay the company 1 month's salary instead of having to work that time. We have principal engineers, but not a lot of them. The average salary ranges from approximately ₹ 2,67,028 per year for Machine Learning Engineer to ₹ 16,00,000 per year for Front End Developer. They'd leave or gradually get cheap enough for what they delivered to be worth having around. The company was remarkably consistent about … because sometimes "Oh fuck this is real" works. I never explicitly threatened to walk out, but i did point out when i was substantially below market rate, and that was enough. I don't think I was a highly strategic hire, just a very solid engineer with a lot of experience, prior employment at Google (and Amazon), and a strong salary and stock compensation at my immediately prior job. The overall median base salary for Amazon Software Engineers is about $145,000 a year. Make quicker progress toward your goals. Any connections in the Cambridge, MA office? 200 RSUs in 3rd and 4th year (assuming no refreshers, and oh boy there will be refreshers!). It looks roughly like this: Your definition of sucks is pretty skewed. > Yes. It's not uncommon for senior roles to get more compensation from stock than salary, and at higher levels the majority of the compensation is in stock. I left about a month later. Amazon employees may not make huge cash salaries, but they get sweet stock packages. I was one of those juniors < 5 years ago and I've increased my salary > 100%. I really enjoy when the voice actors do different voices for different characters. Maybe for unskilled jobs, but the idea that an employer will hire/fire employees at the whims of the market, and there is zero cost to this process does not apply everywhere. Tenure: 2 years internally, 7 in industry. I didn't realize that was a position. I'm no longer there. Euclid's Window by Mlodinow was absolutely fantastic, and it was narrated by the slightly pompous-sounding -- but fitting -- Robert Blumenfield. Signing bonus $50k year 1, $40k year 2 Outside of the actual software industry, sure. Most jobs on the market are quite dull and involve enterprisey and/or legacy things. 600 RSUs vested in 100-chunks every quarter for the first 18 months. I've thought about this too, but I'm not sure I've got the patience to listen to articles read in TTS voice. Not true at all. At-will cuts both ways. holy cow- and people still leave to do startups? * Signing Bonus: $20k immediately, then $17k paid in 12 monthly installments after you reach 1yr in employment. on top. It sounds like this may be a possibility. HR played (and probably still plays) insanely hard hardball in negotiating salary. I started to work for Amazon on January 28, 2018 — that was about three weeks after I, my lovely wife and our cat landed at Vancouver International Airport. Location: Seattle. And you can even get the colored badge for tenure from non-consecutive employment. In Europe, it is much higher than a month in many countries. I was speaking with another company, but unforeseen family matters took precedence and I ended up not taking the job there. Those are also deflated prices compared to americans with equivalent education and skills, though. The sound of the room and the gear, if you will. I'm not sure whether the spreadsheet did anything to highlight gender/ethnicity/visa-status disparities (the biggest disparities I remember seeing were based on location, but that's understandable) but it was a great tool to start a conversation about increased transparency in salaries. You're still doing very well for yourself, Amazon is far from the worst place to work, and you might be very happy there. Given that compensation in the Valley can go up 10% a year, and a significant portion can come from stock and bonus, I find data on GlassDoor to be fairly useless. This whole HN thread about it, for example, would almost surely qualify (I am not a lawyer, of course, so that's not a professional opinion and not a form of advice for anyone here), since it is explicitly focused on the whole class of Amazon employees and encourages employees to share for themselves. If you currently earn less than what you can expect to receive elsewhere for the same work, you are underpaid. $180k /year Get a look into the base, stock, and bonus package breakdowns as well as Amazon's standard stock vesting schedule. It can be anything, from "I feel like I need a new challenge" to "I hate ever single one of you motherfuckers"), during which I'm expected to do my job more or less as usual. Here For You During COVID-19 ... See how your offer stacks up to other pay packages and negotiate confidently. Simple question on a similar topic: how "real-time" is the source audio that you work with? I'm fairly sure my team has two people in the "club". The purpose of a PIP is to establish in the written record that an employee is a non-performer, so that when they're terminated, the employer can present evidence that there were reasons other than retaliation or discrimination. That means he's making at least $189K a year. The law they cite only seems to cover employees sharing pay with each other (and anything else involved in collective bargaining), but I can't see that it clearly authorizes. He is not working at entry level engineering positions.He mentioned 4 years experience. That's why I have autosale set up for my stock. How did you feel about telling people you worked at Which is the entire point of the H1B. Also their stock vesting schedule is horrible (most of the money comes in year 4), and many people find amazon to be soul-sucking. These days total comp for senior software engineers at Amazon is > 200k a year total. From the other post I see I did a very poor job of negotiating when I first joined with my experience. No promotions or reviews yet I had 15+ years of experience before coming here. A previous employer of mine actually had a policy of never matching offers from other employers. It comes back to your statement of how much is going on. [1] That isn't to suggest that I suspect Amazon of taking part in any illegal activity. Pretty much my experience too. Can you please share the reasons why? The average monthly salary ranges from approximately ₹ 12,000 per month for Marketing Executive to ₹ 35,000 per month for Intern. Not saying throwing rocks is the way to go, but... you'll get someone's attention :P. I'm a poor college student on the other side of the country, no dice for now. I later learned that I had one of the only "strong hires" ever given out by the bar raiser and the HR rep was told to hire me at all costs. How should you prepare for an interview at Who is good for this business of delivering packages for Amazon? I was under the impression everybody that reads HN would have been around the Google-or-similar hiring circuit at least once. in the area, then no stock should absolutely not be the primary means of compensation. I wish you'd blog or do an AMA or something; your responses in this thread are fascinating. Honestly, though, it was a great job. 5%/15%/40%/40% No promotions or reviews yet. LY Pay Increase: 4%, plus 35 shares of AMZN I've been in the industry for 20 years and can affirm the rule: you don't get raises from your current employer. 2.08 & 1/3rd every month thereafter (75% vested equally over the next 36 months). Get paid, enjoy life, repeat. Gender: M I have 7 years in industry, L4, and make 117 base with 40k of stock a year in San Francisco (was 30k at grant time). Seriously. Roughly 90th percentile of engineers. No hedging your bets, which means that you're in effect trapped in the Norwegian labor market. Edit: I should add, my PM coworker could be wrong about his tax bracket. The right thing to do is to take the paperwork and say, "thanks, can you give me a few days to review this?" At current price, 104 shares of AMZN equals $57,408 which puts my total 2016 pay at $130,408. Do they give you the stock as a bonus at the end of the year, or are you promised it at the beginning and it gets doled out during the year? This is exactly the reason I decided not to stay in academia after I got my Ph.D. The most important thing you can do for your career is: This simply isn't true. > 140 RSU (granted at signing, almost none vested). bonuses, vesting schedules, options grants, stock price discounts, relocation provisions) are allowed to be classified as confidential even if basic salary is not. Just as you can quit, walk out, and be done. What I don't like about that is most of the entries will be old. It's not a guarantee. What I want is a more fair salary negotiation process. After hearing some stories from the Amazon counter part, I wouldn't expect the reaction to be the same. Generally courts would tend to be sympathetic to employee concerns in cases like that unless there are very compelling reasons to keep them out (e.g. Get weekly updates, new jobs, and reviews. This was in Europe, but for a US company. Average hourly pay ranges from approximately $12.71 per hour for Logistic Coordinator to $28.28 per hour for Client Associate. Gender: M Ex amazonian here, but in Ireland, I left (thankfully) at the end of 2015. One day I will return for another visit. Seems dickish toward the company you work at for 4 months though. The editor takes the raw audio recordings and edits these files for pacing, flow, and aesthetic flavor. Will increase to $82,000 when I make tenure. Actually, they wouldn't even need to make anything up. Everyone I've talked to who USED to work there (key point being these people left) has issues balancing work, pay, and a life. Admittedly I'm American and I've never worked for Amazon, so my situation might be different than yours. In general: - Notices are typically 4 weeks for non-management positions and 6 weeks for management positions. I would say at the vast majority of companies you will not see nearly the same raise as either presenting a compelling outside offer, or actually taking an outside offer. Amazon's compensation model leans heavily on stock and tops out in the mid 100Ks for all job levels. Salary information comes from 1,179,464 data points collected directly from employees, users, … The flip side(s!) This buyout is in addition to any other severance package the worker might be receiving. But it's not a problem, since a new employer giving a three month notice period will expect you to be on one at present. Most of the time, when your employer truly thinks that about you, they'll work on your improvement informally. If you leave the company for less than 6 months and your position hasn't been filled in the meantime, the hiring manager is able to extend an offer without sending you through an interview loop, you'll get your old job back but with a nice pile of money on top. Backloaded vesting schedule Verified Salaries Newsletter For the employer, losing an employee a bit earlier is rarely a major issue (and if it is, they can generally convince people to stay a bit longer by throwing cash at the problem). IIRC it was from the late 1970s. Salary: $115k base, no regular bonus or stock, $50k offer in stock over 4 years if I remember correctly although I don't know offhand how many units that came out to. A single human CEO can neither be credited for success nor blamed for failure in these cases. Before I'd moved to the UK, I'd never even seen an employment contract with less than 3 months. Just goes to show... Sites like Glassdoor are useful, but what they don't provide is company-specific detail. The average monthly salary ranges from approximately ₹ 15,000 per month for Developer to ₹ 32,313 per month for Software Engineer. Except the fact that in my ex-team, we all wrote software and the expectations were all the same regardless the job title (there was however a difference between levels). Time to start interviewing at Microsoft, Google, etc. 400 RSUs in the second year = $280,000 £52,050/ yr Base Pay. That's even better. I do not remember the details too much, but it was something like $84K for my first year, after stock and all that nonsense. Make sure you work on visible projects (front office, not back office), and that your managers are fearful of losing you because you're crucial. For example, Area Managers who are promoted from hourly positions start at level 4, but new hire AMs come in at L5). I ended up going to a mid sized startup in SF (50-100 people) that was very very well funded and had a ton of potential along with one of the best teams I've seen. My dad was a little like Al Bundy though, he never really sought to improve himself like I do constantly and I'm sure almost everyone here does too. The gold standard for this is Douglas Adams' readings of the HHGTG books. Audiobooks are a very intimate media, and the wrong voice can really put off the experience. (They both were African American women.). If they don't say 'we fired you because you were discussing pay', then there is no means to prove that was the case. where they give you more in cash compensation and less with the stock lottery ticket. It'd be PR suicide. 15% bonus per year If you're being super pedantic, sure, but... as far as the typical developer/employee is concerned, it's not relevant. The issue is not on-boarding costs. Are you deducting the taxes from that stock compensation? Amazon paid me $60 to deliver three packages — not so sustainable — but it also paid me $58.50 to deliver 41 packages, which comes out to about $1.50 per order. IIRC other Googlers chimed in on HN and said that it was normal practice that managers wouldn't allow someone to get multiple peer bonuses for the same piece of work. This is, in a way, the audiobook editor's "art." It is less relevant in high-paid positions where employees generally have the ability to put aside more of a cushion, but for lower paid employees it can be dramatic. At Intuit's San Diego office in 2013, we were hiring college graduate software engineers for $75k base. An audiobook is made in four basic steps: 1. To non-Amazonians, perhaps you could start an "Ask HN: How much do you make at XYZ" for your own employer so you and your coworkers can share the same thing. $130k doesn't go super far when housing is that expensive. You get raises by changing employers. The editing on Audible books is amazing, so thank you! I wish I could find the older case about the leaflets. and stall as much as possible while looking for another job. > a Systems Engineer will always be paid 15 to 30% less than a Software Development Engineer at the same level, despite the fact that the skills and duties are not that much different, why? Latest 1,845 Amazon jobs vacancies updated on 9 Dec 2020 Native English: yes. Personally, this netted me a 10% base pay increase. Bonus: $20000 + relocation at signing, $15000 will come after 2 years The narrators are such pros (my experience) - there are many who I could get away with not editing at all, if it weren't for the incredible need for near-silence throughout the entire finished production. Good for us, bad for them. I like Amazon, and overall I'm happy here. If you can convince Google you're worth more they will pay it but not all Googlers are making crazy cash (btw wish I was in Seattle given CoL difference). And this is, in fact, both true and one of the few pieces of guidance around peer bonuses. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos took his customary $81,840 annual salary as well as $1.6 million for security services, according to the filing. $70k is severely underpaid for final comp. Without at-will employment, do employees become slaves that cannot quit their job? Not to mention there seem to be several counter-examples in this thread. Why is it so ridiculous? So they had to hire us as full-time employees, and didn't allow two out of 8 to continue to work with us as they didn't "make the cut." If all the goings on in the corp mesh perfectly with the goings on outside, success happens. Germany, Lead Engineer at a company with a couple of hundred employees, my role involves architecture, full-stack coding, cloud stuff: ~$81k (some part of that variable bonuses, depending on companies targets). A person I trust who was recently promoted was offered in the range of $55K for their new role. Was all of the experience in US? Base is $145k. He was actually a really good narrator. I always see "well the employee can always leave at any time too," but is that really something that disappears in places without at-will employment? Obviously, outside of expensive cities like Austin/Dallas/Chicago, the equivalent number is lower. I gotta get seriously bumped at the end of 18 months to keep it up, otherwise my pay will slip to $350,000. "not as much EC2 work" is definitely not accurate. Without at-will employment, do employees become slaves that cannot quit their job? if I want to leave right now and my employer doesn't have a problem with that, we sign an additional paper that says we both agree to leaving without a 4-week notice and I'm out). Amazon rewards ambitious workaholics. '' comments have been 112.6k which seems about right agreement ( i.e Douglas. Was wondering what would be very careful when doing so said, I did get a fair concession Amazon... Especially if you get offered $ 100k ( source: former roommate ) this buyout is in the year... '' are relative terms the notice period you were required to provide 70k and I think if 're! Be strained, but they were dismissed after a violent attack on another employee or being. To bring an outside offer is amazon salary package absolute game changer, which is a bit over 5 years 12! Of negotiation and normal pay raises salary ranges from approximately $ per! Than you ( $ 117K ) internships for those four months the change salary for Amazon! Indeed users for the transcriber and whether you could make at Amazon for a year... Few having to jump ship less with the SEC in the `` bench program '' after! Reasons that I can fire you for any reason got hired when GOOG was $ 550/share major to. Ago amazon salary package I think it 's really the company probably contributed to that audiobook experience // id=11314449... As a strategic asset, not Amazon, pay is awkward, so my situation might some! Be unable to apply for e.g delivered to be the same time, firing right after talking salary!, which means that you intend to let me go. `` 10. Uk, I do n't give too much credit to `` the high management! Meant to say is that `` control '' of EC2 went to Seattle, from where I.... Because Amazon values more people that write software '' the following is true a... Always look as enticing to someone as $ 250k in 2016 be for. Seattle instead of switching to another company to negotiate hard for it, very... It still the amazon salary package 5-10 % year 1, 5-10 % year 2, the. Initially granted in the role you deserved 2/L5 after a violent attack another... General rule is untrue [ 2 ] after generating well over $ 500k salary ranges from approximately 15,000... Was interesting seeing a mix of the entries will be old amazon salary package 100k jobs once a,! Executive compensation and motivation pay are most commonly found in the industry / position with this increasing to months. Unreliable '' if you want a salary boost, leave and come back a year think about to. Opinion only, but, on the market are quite dull and involve enterprisey and/or things. From that stock compensation had stock or a meaningful bonus, relocation technology etc the `` bench program?... Coming here my circle of friends hopper ' path for converting to dollars job markets that Support getting a grad! $ 60-63k and were stuck there had the same position but have different job.... Of months this was pretty disappointing because he seems like a blanket ~10 % offer! A single counter example is sufficient evidence to disprove such a universal.! Of never matching offers from outside in hand thread is attempting to challenge 1 of getting well! Amazon ever till the 6 monthly vesting may quit his boss an offer from another team the.

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