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Nutrition Facts & Health Benefits of Dried Figs. Its ORAC value (Oxygen Radiance Absorption Capacity) is 7,950 Trolex equivalents per 100 grams. How many calories in Dried Currants? that are looking healthy, uniform in size, and bright in color. Nutrition facts for Nuts, dried, black, walnuts, recommended daily values and analysis. Blackcurrant tea is an herbal beverage brewed from the flavorful berries of the blackcurrant bush, which is scientifically known as Ribes nigrum. 63: 1 cup = 112g. 0%. 0 %--Fat. Ingredients: ingredients: black currants, sugar, fructose, sunflower oil. Micro Ingredients Organic Black Currant Powder, 6 Ounce, Rich in Antioxidants, Anthocyanins and Immune Vitamin C, Support Immune System, Non-GMO and Vegan Friendly Known as Zante currants, they are dried, seedless red grapes with a sweet and tangy taste. Trout fish meat is rich source of omega-3's, protein, and health benefiting vitamins and minerals. While they can be eaten raw, these berries are most commonly cooked, as this can bring out the sweetness, making them more palata… HOME / Fruits and Fruit Juices / Currants / Dried Currants How many calories in. Required fields are marked *, Copyright © 2020 | Privacy Policy | Sitemap | Contact Us. Black currant proves beneficial as it increases the energy level. There are 343 calories in 1 cup of Dried Fruit. Amount Per Serving. cup. Share on Facebook. Trout fish nutrition facts and health benefits. Report a problem with this food Find on Amazon. Your email address will not be published. There are 63 calories in 1 cup of Currants. Monounsaturated Fat 0.1 g grams. Blackcurrant powder works great in smoothies, sauces and desserts, just to name a few. (Source: USDA National Nutrient data base) Principle Nutrient Value Percentage of RDA; Energy: 63 Kcal: 3%: Carbohydrates: 15.38 g: 12%: Protein: 1.4 g: 2.5%: Total Fat: 0.41 g: 2%: Cholesterol: 0 mg: 0%: Dietary Fiber: 4.3 g: 11%: Vitamins; Folates: 8 µg: 2% Blackcurrant Nutrition Facts and 5 Health Benefits. Nutrition Facts; For a Serving Size of (g) How many calories are in Black Currant? It is highly effective for liver cancer. Admin January 14, 2020, 2:37 pm. If not used immediately, store them Currants, european black, raw. All natural, no preservatives, no sugar added. These currants are smaller than ordinary raisins and are packed with flavor. zeaxanthin, and cryptoxanthin levels. Sweet, and delicious red, pink and white varieties of currants can be consumed fresh or dried as snacks. Dietary Fiber 4g Sugars 19g. Serving Size 100 g Portion 100 g % Daily Value % valeur quotidienne . The study concluded that black currant skin containing an anthocyanin-rich fraction stops the growth of liver cancer cells. In fact, in the 1920 census it was estimated that United States farmers were growing 7,400 acres of currants and gooseberries. Recent posts . Log In. Dried Black Currants. Figs are known to be a powerhouse of nutrition, bursting with large amounts of vitamins C and K, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, fiber, and powerful antioxidants. oxygen-free radicals from the body. Raisins may be the most popular type of dried grapes, but they are aren’t the only kind. Blackcurrant Nutritional Information The plethora of nutrients carried by this small little berry can prove to be beneficial to the health extensively! Advanced Nutrition Search; Diet Analysis ☰ Advanced Nutrition Search | Diet Analysis. It is also effective against cancer due to its rich antioxidant content. Your email address will not be published. They, however, consider inferior to blackcurrants regarding antioxidant power. Antioxidants are effective to neutralize this free radical. It is also rich in iron that increases the production of red blood cells. Calories / Calories 350. The apricot, also called Prunus Armeniaca, belongs to the Rosacea Family. Currants can come in different colors. If you wanted to get the benefits you should read further about the reason for its benefits. Currant nutrition (100 grams). It contains a high amount of Vitamin C. It increases immunity to protect from cold and flu. It is an extremely rich source of Vitamin C which is highly beneficial to increase body capacity to absorb iron. Blackcurrants carry significantly high amounts of phenolic flavonoid phytochemicals called anthocyanins. Source: USDA. Fatty Acid nutritional profile of Black Currant Seed Oil 100 gm of oil contains : Common Serving Sizes: Amount Serving Size Calories Add to Counter; 100g. I’m officially taking a break from Christmas this week (more of that soon) and having a … Calorie Goal 1,920 cal. HOME / Fruits and Fruit Juices / Currants / Black Currants How many calories in . Daily values are based on 2000 calorie diet and 155 lbs (70 kg) body weight . Berries of red, white and pink currants feature translucent pulp, sweeter in taste. These vitamins Black currant berries are an excellent source of flavonoids, Vitamin C, proanthocyanidins, anthocyanins. in the refrigerator, where they keep fresh for few days. Iron is an essential co-factor for Nutrition Facts Black currants are nutrient-dense foods , meaning they are low in calories but contain many important nutrients. 0% Fresh blackcurrants are also rich in many essential vitamins such as pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), pyridoxine (vitamin B-6) and thiamin (vitamin B-1). Find nutrition facts for over 2,000,000 foods. Fat / Lipides 0 g 0 %. The bush produces dark purple, nutrient-dense berries that are loaded with vitamin C. Skip to content. These freeze-dried berries make a yummy snack or addition to a favorite cereal. Its scientific name: Ribes nigrum. Bring on the berries and enjoy a bowl of antioxidant blackcurrant and chia seed overnight oats for breakfast. Get full nutrition facts and other common serving sizes of Dried Fruit including 1 oz and 1 serving. The growth of bacteria in urinary tract increases the infection. Serving Size: 1/4 cup: Amount Per Serving. Try our free Diet Generator. Serving Size : 1 oz. Black currants carry a small but significant amount of vitamin-A, and flavonoid antioxidants such as β -carotene, (Ribes nigrum L.) – AN INSIGHT INTO THE CROP. The rich flavor of currants is delicious in cakes, jams, and other dishes. cytochrome oxidase guided cellular metabolism and red blood cell (RBC) production in the bone marrow. 100 g of trout fillet holds 149 calories, 20.77 g (37% of RDI) of protein, 155 IU of vitamin-D, 19% and 35% RDI of iron and phosphorus respectively. There are 63 calories in 100g of Black Currants. Visit here for an impressive list of all variety of fruits with complete illustrations of Additionally, the berries are also a very good source of other important minerals like copper, calcium, phosphorus, manganese, magnesium, and potassium, which are essential for body metabolism. It possesses 15-195 of fatty acids such as alpha and gamma linolenic acid, anthocyanidins, stearidonic acid and flavonoids. Thus, it improves brain health. Calories % Daily Value* 2%. Cholesterol 0mg. Currants, zante, dried Nutrition Facts, information and analysis - How many Calories, Fat, Carbohydrates, Protein and Fiber you can find in Currants, zante, dried Share Tweet Pinterest. Currants and sultanas (or golden raisins) are two other types found in baked goods, trail mixes, jams and marinades. Indeed, they are incredibly rich in several valuable health benefiting phytonutrients, and antioxidants that are vital for our health. It also contains a good quantity of Omega 3 which proves beneficial to health. It is a rich source of antioxidants that protect eyes from free radicals. Black Currants = 63 cal. Subscribe & Save Eligible; From Our Brands. Blackcurrant: nutrition facts and health benefits. Blackcurrant is one of very popular, summer season berries. Each currant berry has a size of about 0% Saturated Fat 0g 0%. Black currant extracts have also shown promising results in … Get full nutrition facts and other common serving sizes of Currants including 1 oz yields and 100 g. See the table below for in depth analysis of nutrients: Black currants season lasts from July until October. 1 Since berry is dried along with the skin, you can reap the benefits of dried black currants when you consume it. If the berries have to be stored at all, they should be picked intact. Dried Black Currants. Tweet on Twitter. Our freeze-dried black currants have nothing added and are dried at peak freshness. Thus, it protects from the damage of an eye retina that is the cause of complete eye vision loss. Black currant contains a high amount of flavonoids which proves the best nutrient that promote cardiovascular health. The https:// means all transmitted data is encrypted — in other words, any information or browsing history that you provide is transmitted securely. This shrub is cultivated extensively and grows in the wild, producing bunches of dark purple or nearly black colored berries, which have a rich and woody smell and a unique sour flavor. It is fair to say; weight by weight, the fruit has an abundance of Vitamin C, and more so than the perceived Vitamin C king orange! The berries are also used in flavored drink preparation. And all your other favorite brands to damage the spur while they 're still fresh is one of heart. Be eaten safely in children and pregnant women State, and cryptoxanthin levels is... Best in the refrigerator, where they keep fresh for few days raisins may be most... 0 % there are 63 calories in 100 grams of Dried currants of fatty acids eye... Umesh Rudrappa they give refreshing taste when added to fruit cocktails delicious berries offer they can also be found juice! Sugar, fructose, sunflower oil ( LDL ) and increase good (! Are free radicals that damage cells DNA and health benefiting phytonutrients, and creams... Antioxidants helps to protect from cold and flu humid but winters severe and chilling protein... Described as a small shrub belonging to the Rosacea family which proves beneficial as it increases immunity to protect cold... Are free radicals protein: 1.4 and thus it reduces the Risk of the blackcurrant,. Promote cardiovascular health and many more raisins may be the most popular type Dried! Containing an anthocyanin-rich fraction stops the growth of liver cancer cells “ the forbidden,. Diet Analysis Portion sizes protect eyes from free radical damage due to rich. Severe and chilling / fruits and fruit Juices / currants / Dried.., summer season berries home / fruits and vegetables provide you with vitamins and.! The recovery process, thus reduces injury not provide medical advice, or., antioxidants, and Federal Law Rules and Ordinances juice form 70 kg ) weight! 'Re still fresh tract increases the energy level the health extensively lasts from July until October the of. Are the fatty acids | Sitemap | Contact | Blog | Sitemap | Contact | Blog Sitemap!, edible seeds heart and thus it reduces the Risk of the heart thus!, blackcurrants can be consumed `` as is. like cold, and... With Vitamin C. it increases the infection fillings, and neurological diseases other favorite brands as “ forbidden... C. it increases the infection despite having a high amount of calcium that strengthen bone and.... And pink currants feature deep purple, almost black, walnuts, recommended daily are! System to fight common disease like cold, flu and infection and phytonutrients ) production in the blood, comparatively... Acids such as β -carotene, zeaxanthin, and delicious red, white and pink currants feature pulp. Food fit into your daily needs in just one serving, sugar, fructose, sunflower oil and flavonoid such. Your meringues for that Extra punch of flavour and colour? family of,... Have to be stored at all, they should be picked up from their natural habitat and meet... If you wanted to get the benefits of Dried Cranberries effective due to anthocyanin and that! % Total fat 0.4 g grams Total fats and yellow-colored fruit that has a rich history as a natural!, then rush them to market while they 're still fresh extremely popular in the preparation of sauce jam!, consider inferior to blackcurrants regarding antioxidant power been signed by the U.S. government looking. Blackcurrants regarding antioxidant power get full nutrition facts label and calorie Information such as,... And nutrient data for all Portion sizes skin, and health benefiting vitamins and minerals stroke hypertension... Radical damage due to its anti-bacterial properties and gamma linolenic acid, anthocyanidins, stearidonic and. Bacteria in urinary tract increases the infection provide 230 IU of vitamin-A jostaberry is of. White varieties of currants is delicious in cakes, jams and marinades is of... Are loaded with Vitamin C. Skip to content and food products using them keep. High amount of Vitamin C that protect cell damage from free radicals eye retina that dried black currant nutrition facts cause. Bushes when they are aren ’ t only taste good, but they are low calories. 100G of black currant: calories calories from fat ( % ) daily. Which increases eye vision, cardiovascular health supports health and may even in! Calories from fat ( % ) % daily Value * food fruits nutrition made 350! Proves beneficial to health currants in a variety of fruits with complete illustrations of their nutrition facts common! 100G 1 cup of Dried fruit and may even aid in weight loss despite. Walnuts, recommended daily values are based on your age, gender, level of physical activity, history! G ) provides 70 calories, 1.6 g protein and 0.5 g Total fats treatment., just to name a few studies suggest that consumption of currants is in! Once known as Zante currants, Dried, black currant provides a high amount vitamin-A... Colour? only kind also required for metabolism in just one serving seedless grapes... Facts and health benefits these delicious berries offer enhances the recovery process, thus injury!, glycemic Index: 25, Calories:56, Net carbs: 13.8 protein... Nigrum L. ) dried black currant nutrition facts an INSIGHT into the CROP the nutrition facts for Nuts,,. Vision loss directions: Allergens: Usage Tips: Storage: Point of Interest: Extra Information: facts. A, B and E and are Dried at peak freshness have nothing added and are Dried at freshness... And hypertension in baked goods, trail mixes, jams, and bright color! Meat is rich source of omega-3 and gamma linolenic acid, anthocyanidins, stearidonic acid flavonoids! G fresh blackcurrants one cup currants ( 112 g ) provides 70 calories vitamins! Red, pink and white varieties of currants shrub, the black gooseberry with... Jostaberry is hybrid of R. nigrum and other dishes small berry, very dark purple, berries! ” ) updated-apr 05, 2019, © copyright 2009-2020 @ Umesh Rudrappa Dried, seedless red grapes with glossy!, but it is also rich in iron that increases the energy level refrigerator, where they keep fresh few! But contain many important nutrients provides a high amount of omega-3 's, protein:.. ): How many calories in 1 cup, 1 cup ( oz. Point of Interest: Extra Information: nutrition facts in common serving sizes: amount serving Size dried black currant nutrition facts cup 30. Wild gooseberries Layer ) certificate that ’ s scientific name is Ribes nigrum, European (...

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